By the end of the Second World War, when it becomes the center of Doboj region, which covers the municipalities of Derventa, Brod, Modrica, Samac, Teslic, Maglaj, Odžak, Gracanica and Tesanj there is a need to establish a hospital center in Doboj that could provide adequate health care services for the residents of this areas.

Predecessor to the current Clinical Hospital "St. Luke the Apostle" in Doboj is the formation of the health clinic, and then the Youth of the hospital for the purposes of work brigades, which were built by the youth railroad Šamac - Sarajevo in 1947 and Doboj - Banja Luka in 1950. Upon the completion of the Youth work actions, Youth hospital was handed over to the municipality to use. Decision of the then Executive Committee of 1952 established the General State Hospital in Doboj. The event, attended by a large number of citizens and guests, was organized on March 9 this year.

In the beginning it was only two classes in modest conditions, with only 90 beds. Surgical ward with delivery room was located in an old reconstructed building, a department of internal diseases in the barracks. Warehouses, laundry room and kitchen have found their place in the outbuildings. And as such, it succeeds in the first year of treated 3,566 patients, perform 538 different surgical procedures and 283 births.
Doboj district People's Committee next year, county council took over the hospital as an institution, which later territorial rearrangement of BiH corresponds to the regional hospital, which she is today. The hospital has evolved over the years and osavremenjavala both professional staff, as well as the construction of new facilities, capacity expansion and the introduction of modern equipment. Clinical Hospital Doboj currently provides modern diagnostic and treatment which gravitates eight municipalities with a total population of about 270,000 inhabitants.

The quality policy

Clinical Hospital "St. Luke the Apostle" in Doboj, purpose and organization represents regional health facility type, which provides inpatient and konsulatativno specialist healthcare secondary and tertiary levels, partly for approximately 270 000 inhabitants in eight municipalities in Doboj region.

The hospital is the first referral level in the health system that contemporary achievements of the medical profession in the service of citizens' health coordinated action with the health centers, as well as higher levels of referral - Clinical Center of Banja Luka and other health care facilities in the wider environment.

Values Clinical Hospital in Doboj are: commitment to reform processes, monitoring and practical application of the principles of modern medicinie, professionalism, teamwork and dedication to patients.

Mission and Vision

The main objective of the mission of the hospital is that through consultative specialist services and hospital treatment to provide quality health services at the secondary and tertiary part.

Effective diagnostic and treatment quality, professional relationship with all employees at the hospital, ensure the safety and satisfaction of the health of the citizens of Doboj region.

The above activities Hospital will perform in accordance with the regulations in the field of health care, the application of ISO standards, while paying attention to the protection of the environment. Carrying continuing education of employees, primarily medical personnel, continuous monitoring and introduction of new techniques and technologies to improve the quality of healthcare services.

All hospital staff are required to:

- Provide and develop good interpersonal relationships,

- Professionally perform their duties,

- Humanely and given to treat patients,

- Continuously work on improving,

- Monitor and comply with regulations and standards,

- Improve young when transferring knowledge and experience,

- Their personal actions and attitude give a positive image of the institution as a modern institution that provides a high level zdravstvenihusluga to all who need it.

This is a condition for providing quality professional and financial existence of employees and satisfaction of patients being treated at the Clinical Hospital "St. Luke the Apostle" in Doboj.

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A prerequisite for providing good health services is the confidence which, among other things, builds and good communication between patients and health care institutions.

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